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Newcomers will be delighted by these charming, immaculate neighborhoods and the variety of housing.

Welcome to Chatham

Peaceful, community-focused suburban sanctuaries.

Encompassing both Chatham Borough and Chatham Township, these highly desirable twin neighborhoods collectively represent two of the most sought-after suburbs in New Jersey.

With histories dating back to the late 1700s and early 1800s, the two townships blossomed during the mid-20th century, developing as peaceful, mature havens from which to escape the big city. Although independent townships, the two communities perfectly complement each other.

Newcomers will be delighted by these charming, immaculate neighborhoods and the variety of housing. Township features higher value homes, including those within the standout Rolling Hills neighborhood. Borough features more selections—a few high-end condominiums are available for those seeking convenient living—with home prices that are slightly more accessible.

What to Love

  • Established townships that feature gorgeous homes, well-maintained neighborhoods, and high-quality of life 
  • Strong neighborly vibe that centers around excellent schools
  • Wonderfully convenient location that offers quiet neighborhood living an hour train ride from Midtown Manhattan

People & Lifestyle

Each Chatham hamlet boasts its own distinctive charm. Borough is a traditional, close-knit residential community with a historic, bustling downtown village. Township offers grander, estate living. You can readily find lots of an acre or more and homes that make the most of this space. Township is the more upscale of the two communities, but only just so.

Each town regularly appears on "best places to live" lists and are anchored by excellent schools and a high standard of living. Together, the Chatham communities are idyllic landing spots for families and those seeking refuge from the hectic pace of city life.

Dining, Shopping & Entertainment

Between the two towns, Chatham Borough has the more bustling retail and dining district. It also sits adjacent to The Mall at Short Hills, a five-minute drive from the town center. Borough's central commercial district centers around Main Street and Passaic Avenue and features quaint shops, including Quartet for home goods, Pour Homme for clothing, and Purple Aardvark for gifts and seasonal odds and ends.

Among the area's numerous dining options, local favorites include the warm and welcoming neighborhood Charley's Aunt Restaurant and classic Italian D'Oro. For dessert, Scoops is the obvious choice for an after-dinner ice cream fix.

Things to Do

Though more akin to small villages, there is plenty to see and do in both Chatham townships. The most popular event is the annual Fishawack Festival in Chatham Borough. The Minisink Swim and Tennis Club has an Olympic-sized pool, a diving pool, a kiddie pool, and twelve tennis courts.

In Chatham Township, there are plenty of activity centers around the 18-hole Fairmount Country Club. The adjacent Noe Pond Club is a swim club concentrated around a lagoon-like pool and features 14 tennis courts. The Castle Park Playground is an aptly-themed play area for children.

For outdoor lovers, the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge and accompanying Great Swamp Outdoor Education Centers are must-see nature areas in Chatham Township.


Chatham is home to several excellent schools. Top educational opportunities include:

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